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Playtest results so far

The latest playtest of Outlive Outdead was a resounding success! What does that mean? Three things: We found some rules that need fixing but nothing major. The core of the game is fundamentally sound. Most importantly, the players had a blast! After playtests, we collect data from our players using a survey. Of course we

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Breaking points

Fighting zombies is fun – in a game. To do that for real would be stressful to say the least. That’s why human characters in Outlive Outdead can break. As we discussed earlier, human characters have two numbers for each attribute, such as “Fight 11(19)” or “Repair 09(20)”. The first number is the target number

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Yes! I died!

One of the problems of roleplaying games is dealing with character death. Players can put a lot into their characters, and if they die, that’s it. The character is gone and all that work is for naught.  The worst part, in my opinion, is how the player has no way to continue playing the game.

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