Personality Chess now for sale!

Happy Bishop Games is proud to announce its second game is now for sale – Personality Chess!

This chess variant brings chaos, fun, and personality to the classic game. When you want to move your piece, you must roll a die. If the die comes up 1-3, you move that piece normally. However, rolling 4-6 means that piece uses special moves only available to that piece. Your pawn could move normally, go run and hide, or charge forward and capture whatever is in his way!

Currently, the game is available as a 33 page PDF for $3.99. Check out our store to purchase your copy. Personality Chess will also be available for Nook, Kindle, and iPad in the near future.

Those who purchase Personality Chess from our store will receive a Discount Code for $3.00 off the purchase of the Triune Corebook (Gamemasters’ Edition). Buy a small, great game and save money off a large, equally great game – Happy Holidays indeed!


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