Outlive Outdead Companion shambles closer

OOC CoverThe Outlive Outdead Companion is slowly getting closer to publication, as befits a book about zombies. Inside, you’ll find five new adventures for Outlive Outdead, including:

    • Extinction Event: Neanderthals in southern Spain fight zombies and struggle for the survival of their entire species. No guns here; try stone clubs and atlatls.
    • Le Morte: King Arthur has died, and Mordred has raised an army of zombie knights to take Camelot. Fighting zombies is hard enough, but fighting zombies in plate mail with swords is another thing.
    • The Jacobite Dead: Scottish highlanders fighting zombies. Do you need more?
    • Teufels of Belleau Wood: A World War One battle between French/American forces and the Germans. They all work together when the dead rise from the battlefields–or do they?
    • Sterilization: A future Earth complete with alien races is overrun with zombies. The government is going to “sterilize” all of Earth. Can you escape the planet in time?

Each adventure comes with new rules to make that time period unique. For example, “Sterilization” includes rules for alien zombies, while “Extinction Event” features a host of new talents and motivations that fit a Stone Age experience.

Right now, we are finishing the adventures and laying out the product. Our goal is to publish the Outlive Outdead Companion in May.

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  1. bigznak

    I am glad to hear that this will still be published. I will most likely buy it when it comes out.

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