Next HBG Product: Personality Chess

Happy Bishop Games is proud to announce our next product: Personality Chess!

Let’s face it. Lots of us find chess interesting but … dull. Boring. Dry. It’s all strategy and no luck, all “plan ahead upteen moves” and no “let’s do this because it sounds fun”. All in all, everyone acknowledges chess is an all-time classic game. Yet no one wants to play it.

That will change with Personality Chess! In this game, each piece has its own personality. Bloodthirsty knights, meek pawns, randy kings, and “overly friendly” bishops will take the field of battle on both sides. Standard rules will occasionally be replaced by special moves such as, “Charge forward and capture the first piece in the way, even if it’s your own” and “Hide behind the closest friendly piece”.

The game itself will be a small book containing the rules to Basic Personality Chess and Advanced Personality Chess. (Besides that most households have a chess set somewhere in the game closet, sets are so cheap these days that we couldn’t produce one competitively priced.) Special moves will include visual explanations to ensure clarity.

Instead of dry and dull, chess will become exciting and fun–a game with personality!

We are in the open playtest phase of development. If anyone wants to playtest Personality Chess, let us know. The more, the merrier! Just reply here or send us an email. Hell, you can send us a candygram if you really want to.

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