Level -2 Cleric?

What happens when you piss off a faith? You suffer.

All characters in Triune have three classes: one for Heaven, one for Hell, and one for the Hegemony. As you play the game, you can level up in any of the three classes–it’s your choice. However, it comes with a price. If you gain experience in your Heaven faith, say Judaism, then you lose experience in either your Hell faith or Hegemony faith.

That means you can run into negative levels. Huh? What? Yes, you can anger one of the paths so much that the universe starts to penalize you. Examples:

  • At Greed level -1, you will not loan any object of yours to another character.
  • At Buddhism level -2, you start to see illusions that you think are quite real.
  • At Military level -3, any missed attack hits an ally instead.

One of the design themes behind Triune is choice and consequences. We think this is nicely illustrated by negative levels. You can focus solely on one class and become a badass Muslim, but that means you’ll have negative levels in Anger and Bureaucracy. Also, we’ve never encountered this in a RPG before. Has anyone seen something similar in another game?

2 comments on “Level -2 Cleric?”

  1. bigznak

    interesting points. I will like to see how this plays out in our playtesting games.

  2. WJ MacGuffin

    Considering how your team works for Hell and just killed to devils, you’re actually on your way to negative levels in Hell! Congrats! Oh, and everyone is going up a level in Heaven.

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