HBG Announces Two New Projects

Now that the Outlive Outdead kickstarter is finally complete, Happy Bishop Games is moving forward with not one but two projects!

The first is the HBG¬†Translation¬†Project. We are working with gamers who are fluent in a non-English language to translate our games (Outlive Outdead, Personality Chess, and Triune) into other languages. This won’t be a huge money-maker for us. (Hell, none of our games is a huge money-maker. This is the rpg industry, after all!) Instead, our goal is to provide more games for gamers who don’t speak English. So far, we will be translating games into Spanish, French, and Polish. If you are fluent in another language, even Klingon, then send us an email and we’ll talk!

The second is a follow-up to our successful zombie rpg, Outlive Outdead. The Outlive Outdead Companion will feature around six new episodes full of zombie goodness but with a twist. Each episode is set in a different time period and will include new rules (or at least rule modifications) unique to that period. Zombies in a modern shopping mall is all well and good, but what about zombies in a space ship? What about zombies in Jacobean Scotland? (Yes, you read that correctly.) The episodes will be independent of each other, so GMs can run whatever strikes their fancy. We are also taking requests for a time period to use in these episodes, so if you want to see zombies in prehistory, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, or Jerusalem in the time of Jesus Christ, let us know. (Please, no WWII or pirates. We want something new.) The OOC will be released as a Kickstarter project so we can get the funds to produce the game.

Okay, enough posting news. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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