Great Outlive Outdead review

We will be releasing Outlive Outdead for sale in October. Should you buy a copy if you didn’t get one through our Kickstarter campaign? Yes! But don’t take our word for it–read a review!

G*M*S Magazine has posted a review of Outlive Outdead. The verdict? “Three very well deserved stars and a hearty recommendation for a terrifically promising game that should end up in many, many shelves.” I’ll take that! Plus, I appreciate how the review is honest–it points out some flaws while highlighting what works. (When I see a glowing review on the internet, I’m always suspicious that it’s a fake review, you know?)

If you want more information about Outlive Outdead¬†and why it’s the best zombie rpg on the market, drop me a line. We’ll be starting our Kickstarter for the Outlive Outdead Companion in October too. Stay tuned!

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