Goodbye, Digitali

Early on in the process of writing Triune, we had a neat idea: sub-sentient software called digitali that acted like capable pets. For example, the Domo breed would run your home: Regulate temperature, order food, record your shows, announce visitors, that sort of thing. Everyone would have several digitali, like Ebenezers to control your finances or Scoops to run cameras and recording devices.

After much debate, we have decided to cut digitali from the core book.

Triune is science fiction, so we have to think about what gadgets and devices would be present in the future. That said, this is a game and good design cuts away things not necessary for the player’s experience. Triune focuses on the conflict between religion and society, not anything involving digital life. Therefore, when we looked objectively at digitali, there was no reason to include them in the game. It’s a good idea but simply not necessary.

If Triune sells well enough to warrant an expansion, perhaps we’ll include them with some mechanical effects, such as granting an extra successful Effort Die if you use a digitali. Until then, however, our little digital pets shall have to wait.

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