Genesis playtest going nicely

As we reported in April, our next product will be a setting generation roleplaying game called Genesis. (At least for now. Name subject to change and all that.) We’re in the middle of turn 2, and already we’re getting some fun results!

In Genesis, players take roles as major players in the setting. While rolling for various acts like spying on rival houses or hiring mercenaries, players create terms that add detail to the setting, such as the name of the spy or the mercenary company. Then players write short pieces about those terms. As the game progresses, the setting will become more and more detailed.

For example, here’s a link to the playtest wiki. Some of the terms there were created by players before the game began, but others are a direct result of their actions: Queensport, Chance Letrunde, and Blue Cliff. Each began as a dry, rules-related action such as, “Roll under your Wealth attribute for success.” But this is the power of Genesis; we take boring, easily-ignored rolls and build upon them to create a vibrant setting.

Of course we’re identifying problems, most noticeably getting used to the rules and watching for emails being sent to spam folders undeservingly. But the core of the game–using roleplaying to generate setting details–is working! At least, that’s our opinion. Check out the links above and tell us what you think!

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