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30 copies sent to IPR

Indie Press Revolution is a godsend for us teensy weensy publishers. I just ordered 30 softcover copies of the Triune Corebook (Gamemasters’ Edition) from Lightning Source and are shipping them to IPR. In turn, they will sell ’em wholesale to brick-and-mortar game stores across the country. IPR will even visit GenCon and bring Triune there!

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No extra cost for a PDF

Getting Triune available for purchase as a softcover rather than a PDF was harder than we thought, but it’s more or less ready. You can order the Players’ Edition of the Triune Corebook as a softcover from DriveThruRPG. Even better news? Order the softcover and you’ll get the PDF version for FREE! We figured you

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First HBG Business Report

It can be easy to let a sole¬†proprietorship¬†get away from you. I work from home so I have to balance time for writing, promotion, and all that with the demands of the family and home, something I didn’t have to deal with when I worked in an office. To help keep the right frame of

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Triune now available at IPR

A dream has come true. No, not the one with Kim Kardashian and cool whip. Triune is now for sale at Indie Press Revolution! IPR is a fantastic business. Not only do they offer PDF sales online, they provide a distribution network for small press and independent game publishers. We are waiting for the printing

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Another Triune review: 3.5/5

Triune has been reviewed again, this time by the website Troll in the Corner: 3.5 out of 5. The reviewer didn’t like how PCs cannot die and how everyone is a hypocrite by having one Heaven faith, one Hell faith, and one Hegemony faith. (I think that’s part of the game’s strength but to each

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Another review of Triune

G*M*S Magazine has put up a thorough review of Triune. The verdict? “A diamond in the rough”. While the reviewer is not happy with the layout or typography, it’s still an “amazing game”. I can live with that!

Triune is released!

We are proud to announce that, after more years than we care to admit and more coffee than is probably healthy, the Triune RPG is not only done–it is for sale! The Triune Corebook has everything you need to play. However, it comes in two editions. The Players’ Edition PDF has everything needed for players

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