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New Forums?

If anyone knows of a good forum plugin for WordPress, please send us a note. We cannot even open the files for the old forums, meaning everything is lost to the Gods of Teh Interwebz. In other news, be prepared for New & Improved Forums!

Stupid forums are down

Our forums are based on a nice widget called WP-Forum. However, the designer of this widget is incommunicado and last seen on his site back in 2008. Meanwhile, after updating WordPress to 3.0, the stupid forums don’t work. After researching possible solutions for hours, I have come up with nada. For the time being, the

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What Enforcers enforce

In Triune, players take roles as enforcement officers, a.k.a. enforcers. But what do they enforce? Why, the Treaty of Pavonis Station of course! In the Triune universe, humanity went to war with Heaven and Hell. In the end, there was a stalemate and all three signed a peace treaty at Pavonis Station, a large space

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Is Continued African Corruption Racist?

We’ve been writing setting material for Triune, including descriptions of nations in the future. Since the game focuses on enforcing the Anti-Church Act that makes all religions illegal, and since players take roles as police, we need to describe how nations deal with all of this. When describing central and west African nations, we tried

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Triune still alive

We haven’t updated in a while, mostly because we found a series of shiny objects that demanded our attention. Someone asked if Triune was dead–far from it! We are still working on the game, writing new material for the setting to ensure there are scads and scads of adventure hooks, interesting places, and illegal faith-based

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New classes for 4E/Paranoia

In two days, I will begin the first playtest of my hybrid 4E/Paranoia game, temporarily titled Kingdom of Teria. How exciting! How nerve-wracking! Some people have wondered how I can combine such different games. Not easily, I can tell you that.  I started by creating some new roles that focused on how players can screw

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More Anti-D&D Idiocy

Man, oh man. Do idiots ever go away? As a gamer, parent, Catholic, and educator, I take particular attention to those who would label roleplaying games as evil, insidious tools of the Devil. I spoke about it here and here a while ago. Unfortunately, I have to speak about it again. The Boston Herald has

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4E/Paranoia Intro Sheet

Below is an introduction we’ve created for the upcoming playtest of our D&D 4E/Paranoia hybrid game, temporarily named Kingdom of Teria. It gives an idea of how the hybrid will work, and how Paranoia’s unique style will mesh with D&D’s fantasy rules.  Comments are always welcome. Kingdom of Teria Introduction Sheet What you need to

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For When D&D Isn’t Deadly Enough

Taking a much-needed break from Triune, we’re working on a mish-mash of D&D 4E and Paranoia RPG. The untitled game will playtest at ENWorld GameDay Chicago 25 in a few weeks, so we thought we’d post a little bit about our unholy merger. D&D 4E introduced the concept of roles during combat, such as Controller

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