Monthly Archives: September 2010

Calling All Religious Gamers!

Happy Bishop Games is getting close to finishing the first draft of its rpg Triune. The game uses real religions as character classes and ties super powers into said religions as prayers. For example, a character with levels in Christianity can use a prayer called Power of the Holy Spirit to lesses the effect of

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Goodbye, Digitali

Early on in the process of writing Triune, we had a neat idea: sub-sentient software called digitali that acted like capable pets. For example, the Domo breed would run your home: Regulate temperature, order food, record your shows, announce visitors, that sort of thing. Everyone would have several digitali, like Ebenezers to control your finances

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128 Pages so far!

We just took a look at the length of the Triune Players’ Rulebook in MS Word. It’s at 128 pages! Not sure how that will translate when we publish in PDF and physical formats, but it’s still impressive to us. Oh, and that’s without artwork. We’re putting together a nice-sized value for customers!

Forums are GO!

Thanks to some timely and clever help from my friend Joseph, the forums are back up! We had to uninstall the old forum plugin and install a new one, but we were able to access the old posts and repost them in the new forums. (That’s why all the old posts are dated today and

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