Monthly Archives: May 2009

Level -2 Cleric?

What happens when you piss off a faith? You suffer. All characters in Triune have three classes: one for Heaven, one for Hell, and one for the Hegemony. As you play the game, you can level up in any of the three classes–it’s your choice. However, it comes with a price. If you gain experience

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How’s your fitrah today?

Islam is a complicated faith, especially when you don’t practice it but want to comb it for super powers. In Triune, characters have kewl powerz called prayers that are tied to a specific faith. For example, a level 1 Muslim can select “Ghowras’ Lesson – Cause one character to drop a weapon.” It’s based on

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Triune in three flavors

After some debate, brainstorming, and drinking, Happy Bishop Games decided to create three versions of the main rulebook for Triune RPG. This is not some attempt to follow Microsoft’s branding strategy of creating so many editions that you don’t know which one to buy. No, instead we are creating different versions for different audiences: Casual

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