Monthly Archives: March 2009

Brandon James Young rocks

Brandon James Young is more than a terrific artist–he’s an official Friend of the Happy Bishop. Last year, Young contributed some art to the Game Chef 2008 competition. I used his art as inspiration for The Chrysalis Revolt, the first game to be released by HBG. His art is more than just good–it’s scary good.

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Logos needed

Happy Bishop Games is seeking artists/graphic designers to create two logos. The first is a logo for Happy Bishop Games itself. The second is a logo for our upcoming roleplaying game, Triune. Both logos would need to be digital with transparent backgrounds, simple, and above all else, cheap. Free would be ideal, but we can

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Triune campaign playtest

Thanks to a very nice group of gamers, Triune shall be playtested some more starting on Sunday, 04/05/09. Triune has already been playtested at Origins, GenCon, and locally, but this time we’re playing a campaign to test drive character development mechanics and long-term gameplay. The first case is “Mercury & Intuition”. Our team of enforcers

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